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Managing the Cold Chain

Protect your restaurant, your customers, and your reputation

Restaurant and foodservice owners across Connecticut know the importance of managing “the cold chain” and how seriously it needs to be followed to prevent food borne illnesses to keep from hurting your reputation and your bottom line. That is why we at MBI Company Group, LLC team up with Loss Prevention professionals who are technical experts in cold chain systems. They can help you implement a process which reduces your exposure to those pesky microbes that can “ruin your lunch” – and your lunch crowd.

Refrigeration is the key

Restaurants and food stores across Connecticut need to maintain the integrity of perishable goods throughout the entire shipping, storing, cooking and retailing process. From “farm to fork,” the temperature of perishable food must be maintained, and refrigeration is the key. MBI Company Group, LLC has resources that can help you make sure you are following the proper temperature controls to keep your food fresh. They can also make sure your coverage is up-to-date for the type of food retail operation you own.

Receiving perishable goods 

Trust your distributor, but it’s always best to verify the temperature of the food before accepting delivery. Many refrigerated trucks have a data log for temperature during the trip. Ask to see it – most perishables should be maintained at 41 F or below. MBI Company Group, LLC encourages you to know the science behind the food. We can help you obtain the proper training for you and your staff on safe temperature controls for food.

When storing perishables at your restaurant or store 

From your walk-in to your reach-in, you need to be sure you have adequate space, temperature controls, and properly working doors and seals on all your food storage equipment. Keep temperature logs or alarms on your equipment as mechanical refrigerators can malfunction and you may not even know it! Whether you lease or own your refrigeration equipment in Connecticut, contact us to be sure you have the right policy that covers you and your business should that equipment fail.

“Managing the Cold Chain” tools for restaurants and food services 

 MBI Company Group, LLC has many resources for you and your business. We work with some of the most knowledgeable loss prevention specialists in Connecticut. They will work with you and train your staff on how to maintain a healthy and safe food service operation. 

For more advice and complete help in protecting your business and your employees, contact MBI Company Group, LLC at 203-288-3401 or info [at] MBI-ins [dot] com today!